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(4)(+0000000): Translate: Parsing code for IEEE Xplore
(3)(+0000002): Translate: Beginning translation with IEEE Xplore
(3)(+0000001): Zotero.Proxies.properToProxy: to
(3)(+0000005): created hidden browser (11)
(3)(+0000000): loading
(3)(+0000659): has been loaded
(3)(+0000005): deleted hidden browser
(2)(+0000000): Translate: Translation using IEEE Xplore failed:
fileName => chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/browser_firefox.js
lineNumber => 372
string => TypeError: newItem.publicationTitle is undefined
url =>
downloadAssociatedFiles => true
automaticSnapshots => true
(5)(+0000000): Translate: running handler 0 for done
(3)(+0000012): HTTP POST id=92d4ed84-8d0-4d3c-941f-d4b9124cfbb&lastUpdated=2011-06-04%2012%3A17%3A06& (2403 chars) to
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