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Full-time Rails Developer at (Cambridge, MA) [06/03/13]

Full-time Rails Developer at (Cambridge, MA) [06/03/13]

Enjoy writing software? Software that takes the pain out of having your auto serviced? EXCELLENT. Join us at We're an online marketplace that connects vehicle owners to service providers (mechanics, shops, etc) through real time quotes, payments, and messaging. Vehicle owners love us because it's easier and cheaper to get their car serviced; we take the guesswork out of choosing the right shop. Provders love us because they gain more customers while spending less on advertizing.

Still interested? On the fence? Questions? Is working for a starup risky? What will I be doing? Who will I be working with? Should I quit my job right now and join them (probably)? LET'S TALK (

You'll be our second developer hire. You'll be working with me. For me? With me. We'll work together. Oh the beautiful things we shall build! When we're finished vehicles will practiclly fix themselves! Openbay already has real customers, real mechanics/providers, and real transactions containing real money. Mmmm, smell that? That's the delicious smell of commerce!

Don't worry, you won't have to be amazing... though if you are... that's okay too. Awesome would be okay as well. Honestly though, we really just need a reasonable and competant developer. We don't need heroics, we need simple working software that does what it says on the tin (hint: the tin reads: "simple working software"). Besides, since you'll be our second developer your opinions will matter. Well, mostly.

Not excited enough? BOOM: Hipchat, Pivotal Tracker, Heroku, Linode, Semaphore, Code Climate, New Relic, Github.

Maybe you're the type of person who loves lists? BOOM:

  • Write stable server and client-side code
  • Add new features, scale existing code, fix bugs
  • Work in a small team with an iterative development process
  • Experience in several areas of a typical Rails stack (Redis, Git, Postgres, Capistrano, etc)
  • Confident writing clean JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Ability to solve problems and make pragmatic engineering decisions

Perhaps you like traditional job postings? BOOM:

We'll pay you an actual salary with actual dollars... we are funded by some pretty great folks (shhhhh!).

Want to be awesome? Want to work with awesome? Want to build awesome? Want? Awesome? Hit me: (


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adambair Jun 20, 2013

Well, Linode is a lie, but you get the idea.


adambair commented Jun 20, 2013

Well, Linode is a lie, but you get the idea.

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