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def multi(dispatch_fn):
def _inner(*args, **kwargs):
return _inner.__multi__.get(
dispatch_fn(*args, **kwargs),
)(*args, **kwargs)
_inner.__multi__ = {}
_inner.__multi_default__ = lambda *args, **kwargs: None # Default default
return _inner
def method(dispatch_fn, dispatch_key=None):
def apply_decorator(fn):
if dispatch_key is None:
# Default case
dispatch_fn.__multi_default__ = fn
dispatch_fn.__multi__[dispatch_key] = fn
return dispatch_fn
return apply_decorator
# Dispatch on types
class Person(object):
def __init__(self, name): = name
def get_name(obj):
return obj.__class__
@method(get_name, dict)
def get_name(obj):
return obj['name']
@method(get_name, Person)
def get_name(obj):
@method(get_name) # Default
def get_name(*args, **kwargs):
return "No name"
get_name(Person('Steve')) # => Steve
get_name({'name': 'Tom'}) # => Tom
get_name(2) # => No name
def area(shape):
return shape.get('type')
@method(area, 'square')
def area(square):
return square['width'] * square['height']
@method(area, 'circle')
def area(circle):
return circle['radius'] ** 2 * 3.14159
def area(unknown_shape):
raise Exception("Can't calculate the area of this shape")
area({'type': 'circle', 'radius': 0.5}) # => 0.7853975
area({'type': 'square', 'width': 1, 'height': 1}) # => 1
area({'type': 'rhombus'}) # => throws Exception
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