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A demonstration of looping custom tags in ColdFusion. Part 2: data.cfm (
<!--- data.cfm --->
q = queryNew("");
queryAddColumn(q, "id", [1,2,3,4]);
queryAddColumn(q, "English", ["one","two","three","four"]);
queryAddColumn(q, "Maori", ["tahi","rua","toru","wha"]);
a = [
<cfxml variable="x">
<number id="1" english="one" maori="tahi" />
<number id="2" english="two" maori="rua" />
<number id="3" english="three" maori="toru" />
<number id="4" english="four" maori="wha" />
<cfinclude template="test.cfm">
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