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Ansible Jinja2 filters for deleting anonymous ec2 instances
import datetime as dt
import time
import unittest
def aws_age_seconds(ec2_launch_time):
Parse the ec2 launch time string and return how old it is in seconds.
# Strip trailing subsecond part
ec2_launch_time = ec2_launch_time[:-len('.000Z')]
launch_time_tuple = time.strptime(ec2_launch_time, "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
launch_time_dt = dt.datetime(*launch_time_tuple[:6])
seconds_diff = (dt.datetime.utcnow() - launch_time_dt).total_seconds()
return seconds_diff
def filter_prefix(items, prefix):
return [x for x in items if x.startswith(prefix)]
class FilterModule(object):
def filters(self):
return {
'aws_age_seconds': aws_age_seconds,
'filter_prefix': filter_prefix,
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Import freezegun here so ansible can run without it installed
from freezegun import freeze_time
class FilterTests(unittest.TestCase):
def test_aws_age_seconds(self):
age = aws_age_seconds
self.assertEqual(age('2014-10-01T12:57:35.000Z'), 43406.0)
self.assertEqual(age('2014-10-01T12:57:35.303Z'), 43406.0)
self.assertEqual(age('2014-10-02T01:01:01.000Z'), 0.0)
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