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adamdb / NERDTree Commands
Last active July 11, 2023 11:52
A list of useful NERDTree commands.
Use the natural Vim navigation keys hjkl to navigate the files.
Press o to open the file in a new buffer or open/close directory.
Press t to open the file in a new tab.
Press i to open the file in a new horizontal split.
Press s to open the file in a new vertical split.
Press p to go to parent directory.
Press r to refresh the current directory.
Press m to launch NERDTree menu inside Vim.
adamdb / Bash LSCOLORS
Created August 30, 2013 17:11
A primer for changing the color profile of Bash under Mac OS X.
LSCOLORS The value of this variable describes what color to use for which attribute when colors are enabled with CLICOLOR. This string is a concatenation of pairs of the format fb, where f is the foreground color and b is the background color.
The color designators are as follows:
a black
b red
c green
d brown
e blue
f magenta
g cyan
adamdb / Vim Commands
Created August 30, 2013 17:04
A list of Vim commands for efficient Vim-ing.
#Search forward
:/ search term
#Search backward
:? search term
#Search and replace all occurrences
#Search and replace all occurrences with confirmation