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Created August 11, 2020 19:05
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End of first shift notes 8/7/20 1:42pm:
- leaked existence of two possible a/d challenge names
- first 10 rounds of casinooo-life were fucked up, and the service was logging random events
- fixed that, wiped the events
- scores were cached, so 40 minutes later, we realized and cleared the cache
- casinooo hashes didn't properly update, but everything was deployed
- casinooo pcaps are sometimes truncated. We found the issue and are fixing it.
- casinooo round 82 got folded into round 81 because lol
- i fucked up a bit on the rorschach upgrade (cosmetic)
- highly likely that we lost the last 5 - 10 minutes of pcaps
- no egress on the challenges
- clarify intentional self-DOS
- statistics: 75% or so of traffic going to stealth ports
- all 3 services will be live tomorrow
- public recap at 2pm
- stealth traffic will not be released during the game (will be after)
Before second shift notes 8/7/20 9:40pm
- fixed casinooo pcaps
- fixed small little rendering thing in the json where it wasn't properly rendering CPU ID 16
- no stealth events -- working on getting you a JSON with them (for up to tick 83)
- lost pcaps for the last 5 - 10 mins of shift 1
End of second shift notes 8/8/20 6:50am
- casinooo-life issues
- fixed a viz bug related to player timeouts
- rorschach issues
- environment inconsistency leading to keras crash and functionality-breaking patches
- deployment mixup leading to low resources, leading to fear crashes
- rhg issues
- race condition in token generation
- led to at most 3 lost flags by koreanbadass
- pinboooll issues
- multiplier was broken
- corner cases that could result in scores resetting if solutions weren't resubmitted
- until the next shift
- casinooo stays UP (minimum two hours, depending on what's happening)
- note that we announced first blood on pinboooll, but not casinooo
- rhg stays UP (but closing in on 600 flags)
- pinboooll stays UP
Start of third shift notes 8/8/20 2:40pm
- pinboooll
- you get one extra ball per unique crash bug, up to 4 balls
- remote binary is exactly the same
- rorschach
- patch failures due to memory issues were pervasive
- casinooo
- reupload to be safe
errata on rorschach: the deployment issues would not cause any team to leak flags that they otherwise wouldn't. Rather, the issues caused services to be nonfunctional (and unexploitable).errata on rorschach: the deployment issues would not cause any team to leak flags that they otherwise wouldn't. Rather, the issues caused services to be nonfunctional (and unexploitable).
End of third shift notes 8/8/20 11:52pm
- pinboooll
- earning achievements would cause score resets, but we fixed it and recalculated (see attached files)
- now retired - no pinboooll tomorrow
- rorschach
- stays as is - no defense recalculation
- tomorrow
- will likely release at least one service at the beginning of the game
- tomorrow, another security enhancement update at ~500 flags (by one team)
Start of fourth shift notes 8/9/20 7:50am
- bdooos
- egress allowed/required
- due to the evolution of this challenge, there are security features that disable s
ome of the lower-hanging fruit of the challenge. This is a nofix.
- due to game state delay, there will be a several-tick delay before the fixed KoH scores are present in the gamestate json
- viz will stop 4 hours pre-end (noon)
- will reach out to top 5 to get images, quotes, etc
End of game recap 8/9/20
- sloootmachine
- sporadic stale flags in the beginning, paused game for 10 minutes to resolve
- bdooos
- stale flags prevented several rounds of scoring from A*0*E
- mystery problem with public files
- announcement mixup with flag location (only went to team interface)
- a team started flooding bdooos toward the end. We suspect we know who it is, and will retroactively disqualify them if they do not come forward.
- gameboooy
- log server port was incorrect, though it was not used yesterday
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