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Created August 20, 2018 08:22
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[2018-08-20 01:21:57,141][INFO ][Part : 149] main - PART command: publish
[2018-08-20 01:22:03,718][INFO ][GitManager : 115] initialiseCaptureRepos - Pushing asset files (to GitHub)
[2018-08-20 01:22:13,848][INFO ][GitManager : 344] initialiseCaptureRepos - Major version number detected (1.0). Pushing to master branch (master)
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,745][INFO ][GitManager : 398] publishMetadata - Pushing asset metadata (To the searchable Pentaho Asset Repository website)
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,755][FATAL][GitManager : 748] fetchRepositoryVersion - Could not complete pull of repo ''
org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.WrongRepositoryStateException: Cannot pull into a repository with state: MERGING
at org.pentaho.part.versioning.GitManager.fetchRepositoryVersion(
at org.pentaho.part.versioning.GitManager.publishMetadata(
at org.pentaho.part.versioning.GitManager.initialiseCaptureRepository(
at org.pentaho.part.commands.PublishCommand.execute(
at org.pentaho.part.Part.main(
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,756][FATAL][GitManager : 411] publishMetadata - Error fetching part-metadata repository to ~/.part/metadata
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,757][FATAL][PublishCommand: 220] execute - Error initialising demo asset Git repository on Local machine
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,757][INFO ][Part : 200] main - publish failed to completed successfully
[2018-08-20 01:22:14,759][INFO ][Part : 204] main - publish completed in 17.610 seconds
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Due to previous testing making the ~/.part/metadata repository corrupt. Deleting the folder and retrying works. Shouldn't affect most (non tester) users, but should document anyway.
Changed to a documentation issue.

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