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Created February 26, 2020 21:16
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Minutes from the February 13, 2020 Selenium Project Status Meeting
Project Statistics
Open Pull Requests: 120
Open Issues: 486
Governance Proposal
- Merge / Close decision postponed until after the next call with SFC to get a their feedback
- New UI
- Will be GraphQL based
- Diego will tackle PoC (as he is transitioning to Sauce Labs' Open Source team -- yay!)
- Server: In progress
- Java: Yes
- Python: Kinda
- Ruby: Yes
- C#: Yes
- JS: No
- Relative Locatior
- Server: N/A
- Java: Yes
- Python: No
- Ruby: Yes
- C#: Yes
- JS: No
- India
- Tickets available
- Keynotes all announced
- Rest of track talks about to be finalized
- Chicago
- CFP open until April 1
- Future
- Existing conference processes and committee, etc. need to be better integrated into the project and visible in terms of city proposals
- Likely need to version split the docs
- Who has the what credentials, where are they kept and how one gets access to them needs to be documented somewhere
Next Meeting
- Thursday, February 27 at 1530 (note the start time change to get more of Simon's time)
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