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POSIX shell: support long options by converting them to short options
# a refinement of
# see also my non-translating version at
# translate long options to short
for arg in "$@"
if [ -n "$reset" ]; then
unset reset
set -- # this resets the "$@" array so we can rebuild it
case "$arg" in
--help) set -- "$@" -h ;;
--verbose) set -- "$@" -v ;;
--config) set -- "$@" -c ;;
# pass through anything else
*) set -- "$@" "$arg" ;;
# now we can process with getopt
while getopts ":hvc:" opt; do
case $opt in
h) usage ;;
v) VERBOSE=true ;;
c) source $OPTARG ;;
\?) usage ;;
echo "option -$OPTARG requires an argument"
shift $((OPTIND-1))

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@adamhotep adamhotep commented Apr 16, 2016

This is a refinement of the suboptimal code at
See also my own code to support long options in POSIX shell at

That second link supports arguments in the form --foo=bar while the code here supports arguments in the form --foo bar. It wouldn't be hard to adapt this code to support both while my preferred method (which only has one loop) would need to get rather ugly to do it.

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