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Strip emoji
# this scrubs emoji sequences from a string - i think it covers all of them
def strip_emoji ( str )
str = str.force_encoding('utf-8').encode
clean_text = ""
# emoticons 1F601 - 1F64F
regex = /[\u{1f600}-\u{1f64f}]/
clean_text = str.gsub regex, ''
#dingbats 2702 - 27B0
regex = /[\u{2702}-\u{27b0}]/
clean_text = clean_text.gsub regex, ''
# transport/map symbols
regex = /[\u{1f680}-\u{1f6ff}]/
clean_text = clean_text.gsub regex, ''
# enclosed chars 24C2 - 1F251
regex = /[\u{24C2}-\u{1F251}]/
clean_text = clean_text.gsub regex, ''
# symbols & pics
regex = /[\u{1f300}-\u{1f5ff}]/
clean_text = clean_text.gsub regex, ''
def test_strip_emoji
f ="emoji.txt", "r")
f.each_line do |line|
puts strip_emoji_full(line)
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yoniamir commented Jul 14, 2014


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Grafikart commented Nov 21, 2014

Saved my migrations. UTF8 can be a pain sometimes :(

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franklsf95 commented Mar 18, 2015

This also strips out Chinese characters.

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tigerjj commented Jul 20, 2015

Be careful, this also strips out CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

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philipgiuliani commented Nov 18, 2015

strip_emoji_full method is missing!

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64kramsystem commented May 24, 2016

This caught my attention because a colleague of mine used it as reference.

If the objective is to remove the 4-bytes characters from an UTF-8 string (which is the widespread problem of MySQL installations who have been using the default utf8 character set), then this is a more standard solution:

scrubbed_utf8_mb3_string = { |char| char.bytesize < 4 }.join

Note that his code is taken from

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juanroldan1989 commented Jan 4, 2017

Thanks for this method !

Comment from above worked like a charm too : )

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loicginoux commented Jul 9, 2017

This does not work for all emojis.
see complete list here
example of unfiltered emojis:

comment from @saveriomiroddi is better.
scrubbed_utf8_mb3_string = { |char| char.bytesize < 4 }.join

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reducm commented Oct 18, 2017

It removes Chinese as well...

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guanting112 commented Dec 15, 2017

Try this:

( 它不會移除任何中文,僅會根據標準將所有的 emoji 剔除 )

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