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PyconAU 2012 Session Material
Saturday 18 August 2012
09:00 Welcome
09:15 What to build. How to build it. Python can help! by Mark Ramm
10:20 Python Web Templating Battle by Ivan Teoh
10:20 Visualising architecture by Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Visualising Architecture: (warning 1.2Gb -- don't know why but it's HUGE).
10:20 How to write a well-behaved Python command line application by Graeme Cross
11:00 The Lazy Dev's Guide to Testing Your Web API by Ryan Kelly
11:00 The web beyond usernames and passwords by Francois Marier
11:40 Debugging Live Python Web Applications by Graham Dumpleton
11:40 Human as a Second Language: Succeeding with the Natural Language Toolkit by Elyse Marie Glina
13:10 Python Dark Corners Revisited by Peter Lovett
13:10 What's New in Python for Science and Engineering by Edward Schofield
13:10 Think, Create and Critique Design by Andy Fitzsimon
Slides with speakers notes :
14:05 Virtual robotic car racing with Python and TORCS by Tennessee Leeuwenburg
My slides are too big for Slideshare, so here are some dropbox links.
Robotic Cars: (127mb)
14:05 Building a Cloud Service with Python by John Barham
15:10 Python Lifesavers by Duncan Macneil
15:10 PiCloud: Cloud Computing Simplified by Amit Saha
Please find mine one here [1] along with some notes here [2].
15:50 PyPy - is it ready for production? by Mark Rees
15:50 An unexpected day by Aaron Iles
16:30 Lightning Talks
Sunday 19 August 2012
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Python for Humans by Kenneth Reitz
10:00 Morning Tea provided by PyCon Australia
10:20 Web Server Bottlenecks And Performance Tuning by Graham Dumpleton
10:20 Funcargs and other fun with pytest by Brianna Laugher
10:20 Processing data with Python, using standard library modules you (probably) never knew about by Graeme Cross
11:00 Towards continuous deployment with Django by Roger Barnes
Feedback and comments on presentation and content are most welcome (by direct reply or @mindsocket on twitter)
11:00 Techniques for improving Python performance by Andrew Rowe
11:40 Triage: real-world error logging for web applications by Lars Yencken and Luke Cawood
11:40 No! Bad Pony! by Russell Keith-Magee
13:10 Python Powered Computational Geometry by Andrew Walker
13:10 Django Testing Tips by Simon Meers
Mine are at and but no "slides" as such.
13:10 First time speakers lightning talks by Brianna Laugher
13:50 Path Dependent Development: Why on Earth are you using SQL Alchemy as a JSON validator? by Nick Coghlan
13:50 Making Your Application Behave by Benno Rice
I've put the PyCon AU meetup app along with the behave tests I wrapped around it in my talk up at:
As a bonus I've roughly reconstructed the progression of the demo I did in the talk in the commits in that repo so you can work through it if you want.
13:50 Working with large scientific data at the Australian Synchrotron and beyond. by Steve Androulakis
14:30 Node Schmode: Pythonic Real-Time Web by Dylan Jay
14:30 RPy: Powerful Analytics within python by Rhydwyn Mcguire
Hi There, I haven't put my slides up, because there wasn't a whole of useful text on them, but I did post a list of all my links on my blog
14:30 Detecting and visualising large scale colour trends by Dennis Hotson and Lars Yencken
15:20 Big data with python by Alex Sharp
15:20 Zookeepr: PyCon AU's conference management and open source by Elena Williams
16:00 Neatly Twisted by Josh Bartlett
16:00 A noob looks at Message Queueing by Richard Jones
I've attached a link to my slides in my talk's page. (
16:40 Lightning Talks
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