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Lightning talk proposal for the Reactive 2016 Conference: Reconceptualizing react applications as a function

Lightning talk proposal for the Reactive 2016 Conference. Here's a handy retweet link

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When I started writing React apps, I approached components as if they were “just the V in MVC!” Seriously, we’ve all heard it.

I have found this to be an inferior way of thinking about and building React applications. It makes people treat React as a drop-in replacement for something like a Backbone or Angular 1.x View. In other words, people treat it like a glorified template system with partials and don’t harness the power of its functional paradigms.

This talk is about a functional way to write and conceptualize entire React applications.

I will articulate what I have come to find to be a superior approach to building React applications — treating them as functions, not templates.

I will introduce how to:

  • Separate the application you’re building and the platform its on from the components you write.
  • Inject state into your application, and what a “container” aka “connected” aka “smart” component really is.
  • Implement more complex features by leveraging Higher Order Components and a compose function — it’s awesome.
  • Make your application UI understandable by looking at a single file, not dozens.
  • Make your codebase flat without sacrificing grokability.

This presentation could be useful for people of any React experience. The lessons will focus on creating a more expressive, maintainable, and reusable codebase than one would get by treating React like it’s the “V” in “MVC”.

Keep up to date on my article series about this topic, currently under development on Medium: Functional React Series — Part 1: Get your App outta my Component


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