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require 'rubygems'
require 'benchmark'
gem = ARGV.shift.strip rescue ''
if gem == ''
STDERR.puts "usage: #{$0} [gem]"
exit 1
if $? != 0
STDERR.puts "This program only works on Linux (or other unixes with the \"free\" command)."
STDERR.puts "If you can figure out a way to get this to work on OS X, please send me a patch!"
exit 1
def free_mem
`free -b`.match(/Mem:\s*\d+\s*(\d+)/)[1].to_i
KB = 1024
MB = 1024 * KB
GB = 1024 * MB
def bytes(amount)
return nil if amount.nil?
return "#{amount} bytes" if amount < KB
return "#{(amount / KB).round}kb" if amount < MB
return "#{(amount / MB).round}MB" if amount < GB
return "#{(amount / GB).round}GB"
before = free_mem
time = Benchmark.measure { require gem }.real
after = free_mem
used = after - before
time = sprintf("%0.02f", time)
puts "#{gem} uses #{bytes(used)} and takes #{time}s to load"
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