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Moves any UT2004 files to www folder for redirect hosting (tries to skip vanilla files)
compress_ut_file() {
f=$(basename $1)
if [ ! -d "$file" -a ! -f "/var/www/ut2004/${f}.uz2" ] && [ "$file" != "*" ]; then
./ucc-bin compress -nohomedir $1
mv "${1}.uz2" /var/www/ut2004/
export -f compress_ut_file
cd ~/ut-server/System
find ~/ut-server/Maps/ ~/ut-server/Textures/ ~/ut-server/Animations/ ~/ut-server/Sounds/ ~/ut-server/StaticMeshes/ ~/ut-server/System/ -type f \( -name "*.ut2" -o -name "*.u" -o -name "*.ukx" -o -name "*.uax" -o -name "*.usx" -o -name "*.int" -o -name "*.utx" \) -mtime -365 -exec bash -c 'compress_ut_file "$@"' bash "{}" \;
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