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These steps are meant to help users running the example docker-compose setup for Wikibase and surrounding services
make sure that their wdqs-frontend service is up to date with the latest security fix.
The risk is low for these development / testing setups when deployed locally.
If you are running this service in production then these instructions are not really meant for you.
== Instructions ==
If you have no data in your wikibase, the easiest thing to do it:
docker-compose down --volumes
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
If you are:
- running the default example wikibase docker-compose setup
- are using the newest latest image (released just before wikidatacon 2019)
- or have no customizations to the image, or file overrides
Then all you need to do is:
docker-compose pull wikibase/wdqs-frontend:latest
docker-compose up -d --force-recreate --no-deps wdqs-frontend
If you are unning the default example wikibase docker-compose setup, but set it up before wikidatacon 2019
and you have no customizations to the image or files then you can likely follow the setps above.
If you do have changes, or following the steps above results in a broken UI then switch to the :legacy tag in your docker-compose
file and follow the steps below.
If you are using the legacy image, you just need to:
docker-compose pull wikibase/wdqs-frontend:legacy
docker-compose up -d --force-recreate --no-deps wdqs-frontend
== Notes ==
- If you have a different name for your service then replace "wdqs-frontend" with that name.
- If this is deployed and receiving traffic then you WILL want to to do this deployment differently to avoid possible downtime & broken wdqs-frontend if things go wrong.
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