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Forked from cowboy/
Created October 27, 2011 10:10
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jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub: A really, really, REALLY tiny pub/sub implementation for jQuery 1.7
* jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub for jQuery 1.7 - v0.1 - 27/10/2011
* Based on @cowboy Ben Alman's REALLY tiny pub/sub.
* 1.7 specific updates by @addyosmani.
* Copyright maintained by @cowboy.
* Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.
// Create a "dummy" jQuery object on which to call on, off and trigger event
// handlers. Although using {} throws errors here in older versions of jQuery
// if you are using 1.7, you won't have this issue.
var o = $({});
// Subscribe to a topic. Works just like on, except the passed handler
// is wrapped in a function so that the event object can be stripped out.
// Even though the event object might be useful, it is unnecessary and
// will only complicate things in the future should the user decide to move
// to a non-$.event-based pub/sub implementation.
$.subscribe = function( topic, fn ) {
// Call fn, stripping out the 1st argument (the event object).
function wrapper() {
return fn.apply( this, arguments, 1 ) );
// Add .guid property to function to allow it to be easily unbound. Note
// that $.guid is new in jQuery 1.4+, and $.event.guid was used before.
wrapper.guid = fn.guid = fn.guid || ( $.guid ? $.guid++ : $.event.guid++ );
// Bind the handler.
o.on( topic, wrapper );
// Unsubscribe from a topic.
$.unsubscribe = function() { o, arguments );
// Publish a topic
$.publish = function() {
o.trigger.apply( o, arguments );
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Note: As jQuery 1.7 pipes all calls to .bind()/.unbind()/.delegate()/.live() etc. through to the rewritten events API (namely .on()/.off()), this is an update to Ben's original solution that directly uses .on() and .off() rather than having an additional layer of abstraction to accessing those methods. That said, the original REALLY tiny pub/sub will still continue to work as the API if of course backwards compatible.

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Note 2: This is really just a proof of concept. I would almost always recommend using the original (unless we can show there are significant perf benefits to using .on/.off directly over the (now) abstracted .bind()/.unbind() versions etc).

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@addy: My guess is that the on/off implementation above should be faster when compared to the previous implementation (bind/unbind) using 1.7. It should only be slightly faster because bind/unbind are just one line wrappers around the on/off methods

With that in mind the on/off methods in 1.7 could very well be slower than the bind/unbind methods in 1.6.4. That would be an interesting comparison. I hope the answer is better performance in 1.7 & not worse ;)

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albanx commented Mar 15, 2014

Hi Andy
Excellent pattern. BUt I am having some problems on the context of the callback function. Example:
$.subscribe("dashboard.updateData", this.updateData ); //this--> currenct object

then :
updateData: function(){
this--> here is the event object, but here I will need the original object

Is there a way to make callbacks fire in scope of originating object instead ?

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