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Created April 21, 2011 06:33
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JS snippet for getting the current vendor prefix of a CSS(3) property
function getPrefix( prop ){
var vendorPrefixes = ['Moz','Webkit','Khtml','O','ms'],
style = document.createElement('div').style,
upper = prop[0].toUpperCase() + prop.slice(1),
pref, len = vendorPrefixes.length;
while( len-- ){
if((vendorPrefixes[len] + upper) in style){
pref = (vendorPrefixes[len]);
if(prop in style){
pref = prop;
/*exclude additional strings below if output format not an issue*/
if ( pref ) {
return '-' + pref.toLowerCase() + '-';
/*fail safe - thanks to dan for spotting*/
return '';
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