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adedip / gamepad.js
Last active August 29, 2015 14:02
Arduino websocket gamepad with Noduino
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// noduino/examples/gamepad.js
// npm install --save
// cd noduino/examples
// node gamepad.js
var requirejs = require('requirejs');
var socket = require('')('http://localhost:3000');
requirejs.config({nodeRequire: require});
adedip / track1
Created May 18, 2012 16:02
Canvas Ride
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-18 1i 18 1i,15 1h 50 1t 86 1t 9k 1k b1 10 ce e dm g,cb 3f 7j 3m,dk h e7 o el 18 f4 1o fr 26 gu 27 hk 28 pv 28 qm 22,qh 23 r5 1q ru 1e sj 17 ta 10 tv s ul m v8 d vs 3 10f -9 112 -l 11k -10 128 -1f 12r -20 13d -2c 13v -2p 14h -36 152 -3n 15h -46 15o -4p 164 -5b,17v -5n 18k -5a 1an -56,16n -2l 16d -37 16m -3q 174 -49 17l -4m 181 -53,17t -5o 164 -5e,18r -3l 18j -32 181 -2l 17b -2j 16n -2l,1bj -7 1bq f 1c2 15 1cb 1o 1co 28 1d2 2r 1de 3c 1ds 3v 1ea 4f 1en 51 1f9 5l 1fn 65 1g9 6i 1gs 6u 1he 7m 1hj 8j 1hq 9e 1i7 ac 1ih au 1ik bo 1j7 ch 1jn d9 1js e2 1k4 ep 1kf ff 1kt g1 1lj g1 1m7 fq 1om fn 1pj fm 20m fk 21f fg 22f f6 238 f3 241 eu 24r ed 257 dt 260 df 26o ct 27g cl,1a0 -45 19d -3u 18r -3l,1b2 -2q 1b4 -25 1b9 -1g 1bg -s 1bj -7,20o fk 1gv 7g,27l cl 27q cl,29m cl 2a8 ce,2ag ce 2b1 cd,286 cl 28k cl,28s cm 29c cl,2bc ce 2bu cj,2c4 cl 2ci d5 2ck d6,2cs de 2dg do 2dq ec 2e4 f0 2eo fa 2fc fk 2g0 fu 2gk gi 2gu h6 2h8 hq 2h8 ie 2hs i4 2ig hq 2j4 hq 2jo hg 2kc hg 2l0 hg 2lk hg 2m8 hg 2ms hg 2ng h6 2o4 gs 2p2 gs 2qa gi 2qu g8
adedip / Gemfile
Created May 18, 2012 13:50
Adedip Gemfile template #1