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import docx
# general routine for finding and replacing text in a docx
def docx_find_replace_text(search_text, replace_text, paragraphs):
"""Replace strings and retain the same style.
The text to be replaced can be split over several runs so
search through, identify which runs need to have text replaced
then replace the text in those identified
for p in paragraphs:
if search_text in p.text:
inline = p.runs
started = False
search_index = 0
# found_runs is a list of (inline index, index of match, length of match)
found_runs = list()
found_all = False
replace_done = False
for i in range(len(inline)):
# case 1: found in single run so short circuit the replace
if search_text in inline[i].text and not started:
found_runs.append((i, inline[i].text.find(search_text), len(search_text)))
text = inline[i].text.replace(search_text, str(replace_text))
inline[i].text = text
replace_done = True
found_all = True
if search_text[search_index] not in inline[i].text and not started:
# keep looking ...
# case 2: search for partial text, find first run
if search_text[search_index] in inline[i].text and inline[i].text[-1] in search_text and not started:
# check sequence
start_index = inline[i].text.find(search_text[search_index])
check_length = len(inline[i].text)
for text_index in range(start_index, check_length):
if inline[i].text[text_index] != search_text[search_index]:
# no match so must be false positive
if search_index == 0:
started = True
chars_found = check_length - start_index
search_index += chars_found
found_runs.append((i, start_index, chars_found))
if search_index != len(search_text):
# found all chars in search_text
found_all = True
# case 2: search for partial text, find subsequent run
if search_text[search_index] in inline[i].text and started and not found_all:
# check sequence
chars_found = 0
check_length = len(inline[i].text)
for text_index in range(0, check_length):
if inline[i].text[text_index] == search_text[search_index]:
search_index += 1
chars_found += 1
# no match so must be end
found_runs.append((i, 0, chars_found))
if search_index == len(search_text):
found_all = True
if found_all and not replace_done:
for i, item in enumerate(found_runs):
index, start, length = [t for t in item]
if i == 0:
text = inline[index].text.replace(inline[index].text[start:start + length], str(replace_text))
inline[index].text = text
text = inline[index].text.replace(inline[index].text[start:start + length], '')
inline[index].text = text
# sample usage
# open docx
doc = docx.Document('/path/to/document.docx')
# get the paragraphs from the doc where we want to replace text
# use this to limit the scope of the replaces,
# e.g., to a single paragraph or perhaps to every paragraph in the document
# all paragraphs in document (not in tables etc)
paragraphs = list(doc.paragraphs)
# add all paragraphs in all tables in document
for t in doc.tables:
for row in t.rows:
for cell in row.cells:
for paragraph in cell.paragraphs:
# perform find and replace on paragraphs
docx_find_replace_text('Testing1', 'Test ', paragraphs)
docx_find_replace_text('Testing2', 'Test ', paragraphs)
docx_find_replace_text('rest', 'TEST', paragraphs)
# save results'/path/to/resultant.docx')
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