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Last active October 6, 2023 18:48
NOTE: this code is for a previous version of the Twitter API and I will not be updating in the near future. If someone else would like to, I'd welcome that! Feel free to ping me. END NOTE. Here I define a Tweet listener that creates a file called 'tweets.txt', collects streaming tweets as .jsons and writes them to the file 'tweets.txt'; once 100…
class MyStreamListener(tweepy.StreamListener):
def __init__(self, api=None):
super(MyStreamListener, self).__init__()
self.num_tweets = 0
self.file = open("tweets.txt", "w")
def on_status(self, status):
tweet = status._json
self.file.write( json.dumps(tweet) + '\n' )
self.num_tweets += 1