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PHP / Codeigniter - set environment when running in CLI mode
# in public_html/index.php
* Where your CodeIgniter ENVIRONMENT is normally defined by the server environment
* variables, and assuming your database settings are automatically set based on
* that environment, this causes a problem when running the application through
* PHP on the command line e.g. in order to run CodeIgniter Migrations
* This can be solved by setting the environment from the $argv array.
* The following example for a testing environment would be called on the command
* line like this:
$ cd /path/to/public_html/
$ php index.php migrate testing
if (PHP_SAPI === 'cli'){
if($argv[1] != 'migrate' || !isset($argv[2]))
exit("Access denied\n");
define('ENVIRONMENT', $argv[2]);
} else {
# continue with index.php bootstrap
* Note that in your migrate controller, you can restrict access to command line only as follows:
show_error('Access denied',403);
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