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Created Jul 12, 2017
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Contracts in Python
import functools
import inspect
class Validated(type):
Base meta-class for our validation classes.
def __getitem__(self, type):
Implements the type specialization via subscription.
return lambda *args, **kwargs : self(*args, **kwargs, type=type)
class TypeChecked(metaclass=Validated):
def __init__(self, type=None):
Stores the type passed to the checker
self.type = type
def __call__(self, x):
Makes sure the argument is of the correct type (if set)
if self.type is None:
if not isinstance(x, self.type):
raise TypeError("Invalid type: Expected {}, got {}!"\
.format(self.type.__name__, type(x).__name__))
class Range(TypeChecked):
Checks if an argument/return value is within a given input range.
def __init__(self, from_, to_, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.from_ = from_
self.to_ = to_
def __call__(self, x):
return self.from_ <= x <= self.to_
class Positive(TypeChecked):
Checks if an argument/return value is positive.
def __call__(self, x):
return x > 0
def check_defaults(annotations, defaults):
Checks if the default values.
for key, value in defaults.items():
if key in annotations:
validator = annotations[key]
if callable(validator):
if not validator(value):
raise ValueError("Invalid default value for {}: {}"\
.format(key, value))
def checked(f):
Returns a decorator that performs the runtime checking.
annotations = {key : value()
if inspect.isfunction(value)
else value
for key, value in f.__annotations__.items()}
spec = inspect.getfullargspec(f)
defaults = dict(zip(spec.args[-len(spec.defaults):], spec.defaults))
check_defaults(annotations, defaults)
return_annotation = annotations.get('return')
def check(*args, **kwargs):
Checks the arguments and the return value of function against
the validators given in the annotations.
argdict = defaults.copy()
argdict.update(dict(zip(spec.args, args)))
for key, annotation in annotations.items():
if key == 'return':
value = argdict[key]
if callable(annotation) and not annotation(value):
raise ValueError("Invalid value for {}: {}".format(key, value))
rv = f(*args, **kwargs)
if return_annotation and not return_annotation(rv):
raise ValueError("Invalid return type: {}".format(rv))
return check
def f(x : Range[int](0, 100),
y : Range[float](20, 40),
z : Range[int](70, 80) = 77) -> Positive[float]:
return x*0.2
if __name__ == '__main__':
#this will pass
#this will raise a TypeError
except TypeError as te:
#this will raise a ValueError
except ValueError as ve:
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felipevolpone commented Jul 13, 2017

Very cool example 👍

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adewes commented Aug 17, 2017

Thanks @felipevolpone!

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