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Go Lightning Talks

3:30pm, 1 Feb 2015, Go DevRoom, FOSDEM, Room K.3.401

Camlistore demo

Mathieu Lonjaret

Live demo of Camlistore easy deployment on gce. Quick overview of Camlistore's UI & tools. What's new since FOSDEM 2014.

restic - backups done right

Alexander Neumann

I started building a new backup program called 'restic' in Go a year ago. It's in alpha stage right now (do not use it for real data yet), but it's usable and very fast.

Go as a building block for the internet

Alexandre Fiori

Lessons learned from implementing the Diameter protocol from scratch.

JSON marshaling and code generation

Francesc Campoy

JSON marshaling can sometimes be boring to write. So boring that computers should take care of it.

Can Go fix the Windows command line?

Seppe Stas

When building a tool to automatically set up SSH connections to remote systems, Go is a dead obvious choice of technology. One of the mean reasons for this is portability: I can build one tool, and run it on different types of systems. Even Windoes! One problem though... Windows' command line interface sucks. Terribly. Let's see what Go can do to fix this (read: work around this), without affecting the code for the useful OSes to much.

Update about Go on Android and iOS devices

David Crawshaw

Phenakistoscope in Go

Alex Plugaru

This talk is a short exploration of what fun things can be done with image/draw: Take an animated gif and convert it to a Phenakistoscope to do your own offline animations. The wiki: The code:

Go on App Engine

Valentin Deleplace

What you can do with Go on AppEngine.

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