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Fizzbuzz implementation in PHP with minimal codes
// PHP fizzbuzz implementation by Jitendra Adhikari
// see:
// if you have shorter/smarter ways out, please fork or comment...
echo implode('<br/>', array_map(function($d){
return ($d%15==0)?'fizzbuzz':($d%5==0?'buzz':($d%3==0?'fizz':$d));
}, range(1,100)));
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Xeoncross commented Dec 9, 2013

Rather than ==0 just move it a little and use ! conditional checks.

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adhocore commented Dec 10, 2013

yup, thought of that before; btw, it just makes code short in span not in terms of byte, because for removing ==0 from $d%15==0, we again need some 3 extra chars !() as such !($d%15), so i dint really wrote that way for sake of readability and straight forward code!

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