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Adil Akhter adilakhter

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adilakhter / Json.scala
Created Dec 28, 2017 — forked from pchiusano/Json.scala
Simple JSON parser combinator library that does not use zippers
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// WARNING! totally untested, I have only compiled the code! :)
package json
import collection.immutable.Map
import scalaz.{\/, MonadPlus}
import scalaz.\/._
import scalaz.std.vector._
import scalaz.std.list._
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package test
import scala.collection.mutable
import scala.reflect.ClassTag
* A Source of elements of type [[A]].
* [[Source]] is basically the inverse of
* a `scala.Iterator`: instead of the core functionality being the pull-based

#Haskell, Stack and Intellij IDEA IDE setup tutorial how to get started Upon completion you will have a sane, productive Haskell environment adhering to best practices.


  • Haskell is a programming language.
  • Stack is tool for Haskell projects. (similar tools for other languages include Maven, Gradle, npm, RubyGems etc)
  • Intellij IDEA IDE is a popular IDE.

Download and extract Stack

Don't install Haskell, Stack, Cabal or any other Haskell tool or library using your OS package manager or using Cabal.

adilakhter /
Created Oct 8, 2016 — forked from ikhoon/
Must watch talks - reddit /r/scala
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#!/usr/bin/env amm
load.ivy("org.typelevel" %% "cats" % "0.7.0")
import cats.{Id, ~>}

Advanced Functional Programming with Scala - Notes

Copyright © 2017 Fantasyland Institute of Learning. All rights reserved.

1. Mastering Functions

A function is a mapping from one set, called a domain, to another set, called the codomain. A function associates every element in the domain with exactly one element in the codomain. In Scala, both domain and codomain are types.

val square : Int => Int = x => x * x
adilakhter / runar-io-free.scala
Created Sep 10, 2016 — forked from arosien/runar-io-free.scala
Translation of Runar's ScalaIO 2013 presentation on IO and Free monads ( to scalaz.
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import scalaz._
import Scalaz._
import Free._
/** "Pure" interactions with a console. */
sealed trait Console[+A]
case class GetLine[A](k: String => A) extends Console[A]
case class PutLine[A](s: String, a: A) extends Console[A]
object Console {
adilakhter / FreeConsole.scala
Created Sep 9, 2016 — forked from filippovitale/FreeConsole
FreeConsole – Simplest end to end example of Coyoneda and Free Monad in Scala
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import scalaz.effect.IO
import scalaz.std.function._
import scalaz.{Coyoneda, Free, Monad, State, ~>}
object NonFunctor extends App {
// my simple algebra
sealed trait Console[A]
case class PrintLine(msg: String) extends Console[Unit]
case object ReadLine extends Console[String]