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Last active Aug 15, 2020
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Pixelogic's Saturday Standup Podcast Moderator FAQ

The Main Goal

The main goal here is simple - stay interactive with the chat when you feel like it and remove dem trolls! There will be less interaction with chat during these Podcast streams, just as a FYI.

New Commands

!standup - "Welcome to The Saturday Standup Podcast! Today we are talking with {EnterGuestHere} ({EnterSomeSocialLink}) about the future of live programming streams. Have a question? Use !q and your question to be answered by Alec or {EnterGuestHere} at the end of the stream!"

!question - "Have a question for {EnterGuestHere} or Alec? Use !q and then your question to add it to the queue!"

I think these should be pretty self explanatory, but please let me know if you need more clarity.

Featured Chat

We are using a really cool chat featured overlay that allows us to show messages on the screen whenever we want and based on a lot of filters! I am saving around 15 - 30 minutes for questions at the end of the stream to do this. If you head over to you should all have access to the dashboard. Once there you will see this (See image pinned in mod-talk discord channel!)

This is how we will be filtering the questions at the end of the stream to answer :). At this point I will most likely just go through them myself and read them out loud to the guest and chat, but there may be a possibility I ask you folks for a tad of help to show the message. Pretty straight forward stuff here. Just wanted to inform you all of how this looks!

Final Thoughts

Again I don't want you all to feel pressured to worry about all this QA stuff and what not, more so just keeping the awesome community we have and getting people HYPED for our team! Just wanted to share this all with ya for transparency.

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