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when operator in scala
* A syntactic sugar corresponding to the Lisp's when. Execute the body
* when the pred evaluates to true.
* @param condition A predicate or value that evaluate to a Boolean
* @param block A valid block of scala code
def when (condition : => Boolean)( block : => Unit)
if (condition){ block }
//A left associative version from the redditor elbowich
implicit def `when for function0`[A](f: => A) = new {
def when(cond: Boolean) = if(cond) Some(f) else None

This is great for side effect driven code, but this may also be useful to you for code that you care about the return value ( which should be most of the time :) ):

def when[A] ( condition : => Boolean ) ( block : => A ) : Option[A] = {
  if ( condition ) {
     Some( block )
  } else {

I'm not quite sure whether this is useful to you, but it may be an interesting thing if you're new to Scala and couldn't quite figure out how you would return a value from when without returning a blasphemous 'null' value. ;)

Happy Scala-ing!


adinapoli commented Apr 13, 2012

Yep! Thanks for the suggestion!

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