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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Twisted development wiki changes
Some changes might be bold, but I tried to reduce noise level by reducing the amount of links that are referenced in this page.
Update links for removed Lore file.
Add info about changing wiki pages.
Move all info about working with ticket into ticket managemetn
Removed SVN commands and reference the VcsWorklow page as the place where VCS details are contained.
In this way we don't need to spread specific command all over the wiki.
I have removed references to Divmod as it look like a dead project.
I have moved buildbot as part of developers tools.
I have updated instructions for building docs and apidocs.
Moved content from 'developemnt process' section into the initial 'Contributing' section. I find it important to specify from the start the MIT license and the ultimate development process
HTML Documentation standard was removed as Lore is deprecated and was repaleced with Sphinx primer
From links and resources:
* Removed APIDocs links since it is only for used by release manager.
* Remove DocumentationAnalitics since it is old.
* I have removed the link to maybe core developers understand to joke, but I find it useless. Sorry for my sense of humor.
* I have removed buildbot link as it now has a dedicated section
* I have moved UsefulQueries into ticket management section
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