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adityanaique / responseToNetNeutrality
Last active Aug 29, 2015
My response to TRAI regarding Net Neutrality . Feel free to use it to mail TRAI ( before Apr 24th. Do modify at will.
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Hello TRAI,
I find your consultation paper on "Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services" extremely biased against the fair functioning of a fundamental human right that is the Internet. Telcos and ISPs shouldn't be compensated for their incompetence to innovate. The Internet belongs to all of us, equally and evenly. Telcos shouldn't be allowed to charge us differently if we don't use their "preferred" website/app. Their only job is to provide us the bandwidth. They have no other right.
It really disheartens me to read the 117 pages of shoddily-written propaganda full of deliberately confusing jargon, which only seems to suggest that the telcos did us a favor. Let's be clear: the electromagnetic spectrum is ours, the people of India's. We have allowed our representative, the Government of India, to temporarily license our spectrum to telcos to let them sell their services on it. So categorically, building out a telecom network in India wasn't a favor these telcos did for us. They didn't innovate,