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Simple Neural Network in Python which learns AND gate
import numpy as np
def sigmoid(x, derivative=False):
return x*(1-x) if derivative else 1/(1+np.exp(-x))
class NeuralNetwork:
def __init__(self, x, y):
self.input = x
self.weights1 = np.random.rand(self.input.shape[1],4)
self.weights2 = np.random.rand(4,1)
self.y = y
self.output = np.zeros(self.y.shape)
def feedforward(self):
self.layer1 = sigmoid(, self.weights1))
self.output = sigmoid(, self.weights2))
def backprop(self):
# application of the chain rule to find derivative of the loss function with respect to weights2 and weights1
d_weights2 =, (2*(self.y - self.output) * sigmoid(self.output, derivative=True)))
d_weights1 =, (*(self.y - self.output) * sigmoid(self.output, derivative=True), self.weights2.T) * sigmoid(self.layer1, derivative=True)))
# update the weights with the derivative (slope) of the loss function
self.weights1 += d_weights1
self.weights2 += d_weights2
if __name__ == "__main__":
X = np.array([[0,0],
y = np.array([[0],[0],[0],[1]])
nn = NeuralNetwork(X,y)
for i in range(1500):
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