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Latex sample for algorithm implementation, as used in CS-451 Distributed Algorithms
UniformReliableBroadcast, \textbf{instance} \textit{urb}.
IdealPerfectPointToPointLinks, \textbf{instance} \textit{idealpl}.
\textbf{upon event} \textit{\(<\)urb, Init\(>\)} \textbf{do}
\textit{delivered} := \(\emptyset\);
\textbf{upon event} \textit{\(<\)urb, Broadcast \(|\) \textit{m}\(>\)} \textbf{do}
\textbf{trigger} \textit{\(<\)idealpl, Send \(|\) self, (DATA, self, m)\(>\)};
\textbf{upon event} \textit{\(<\)idealpl, Deliver \(|\) p, (DATA, s, m)\(>\)} \textbf{do}
\textbf{if} \textit{m} \(\not\in\) \textit{delivered} \textbf{then}
\textit{delivered} := \textit{delivered} \(\cup\) (\textit{m});
\textbf{forall} \textit{q} \(\in \Pi\)
\textbf{trigger} \textit{\(<\)idealpl, Send \(|\) q, (DATA, s, m)\(>\)};
\textbf{trigger} \textit{\(<\)urb, Deliver \(|\) s, m\(>\)};

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commented Oct 28, 2015

Yields the following snippet:

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