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adizere / photos-date2title.scpt
Created January 11, 2016 08:51
AppleScript that modifies the title of photos to contain their respective date/time. Modifies the photos and videos in-place, directly in the Photos app. Execute with ScriptEditor.
(* select at least 1 image in Photos *)
tell application "Photos"
set imageSel to (get selection)
if (imageSel is {}) then
error "Please select at least one image."
repeat with i from 1 to count of imageSel
set next_image to item i of imageSel
set capture_date to (the date of next_image)
adizere / alg-sample.tex
Last active September 26, 2016 13:22
Latex sample for algorithm implementation, as used in CS-451 Distributed Algorithms
UniformReliableBroadcast, \textbf{instance} \textit{urb}.
IdealPerfectPointToPointLinks, \textbf{instance} \textit{idealpl}.
\textbf{upon event} \textit{\(<\)urb, Init\(>\)} \textbf{do}
\textit{delivered} := \(\emptyset\);
adizere / 04-validators.yaml
Created November 6, 2019 13:10 — forked from thanethomson/04-validators.yaml
Tendermint Load Testing: 4-validator network
# A simple 4-validator test network, geographically dispersed.
id: testnet_04validators
base_tendermint_node: &base_tendermint_node
binary: v0.32.1
config_template: ./validator-config.toml
base_load_test: &base_load_test
method: "tm-bench"
adizere / optimal-4-validators.toml
Last active December 3, 2019 15:53
TOML configuration for optimal performance / N=4
# This is a TOML config file.
# For more information, see
##### main base config options #####
# TCP or UNIX socket address of the ABCI application,
# or the name of an ABCI application compiled in with the Tendermint binary
proxy_app = "kvstore"
# A custom human readable name for this node


adizere /
Created November 15, 2022 10:14 — forked from troyfontaine/
Signing your Git Commits using GPG on MacOS

Methods of Signing with a GPG Key on MacOS

Last updated September 21, 2022

This Gist explains how to do this using gpg in a step-by-step fashion. Previously, was heavily mentioned, but I've only recently learned they were acquired by Akamai and no longer update their previous free products. Those mentions have been removed.

For using a GUI-based GIT tool such as Tower or Github Desktop, follow the steps here for signing your commits with GPG.

There has been a number of comments on this gist regarding some issues around the pinentry-program and M1 Macs. I've finally gotten a chance to try things out on an M1 and I've updated the documentation in to reflect my findings.

adizere / example.diff
Created March 21, 2024 20:31
Experiments with no WAL
diff --git a/testnets/example.toml b/testnets/example.toml
index f5e5971..71a37b5 100644
--- a/testnets/example.toml
+++ b/testnets/example.toml
@@ -1,20 +1,37 @@
vote_extensions_enable_height = 1
pbts_enable_height = 1
+# 100 * 1024 * 1024
+block_max_bytes = 104857600