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Artigos citados na entrevista com Katia Felizardo

Artigos mencionados:

Automating Systematic Literature Review

Guidelines for performing Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering

A Visual Text Mining approach for Systematic Reviews

Motivation to Perform Systematic Reviews and their Impact on Software Engineering Practice -

Short communication: Evolution of secondary studies in software engineering -

What Do Software Engineers Care about? Gaps between Research and Practice -

The Role of Rapid Reviews in Supporting Decision-Making in Software Engineering Practice -

Evidence Briefings: Towards a Medium to Transfer Knowledge from Systematic Reviews to Practitioners -

Grey Literature in Software Engineering: A critical review Successful combination of database search and snowballing for identification of primary studies in systematic literature studies

Using evidence from systematic studies to guide a PhD research in Requirements Engineering: an experience report

Global and Latin American female participation in evidence-based software engineering: a systematic mapping study

An empirical investigation on the challenges faced by women in the software industry" Bianca Trinkenreich, Ricardo Britto, Marco Aurelio Gerosa, Igor Steinmacher - ICSE-SEIS 2022

Travassos - Colaboração entre Academia e Indústria: Oportunidades para Utilização da Pesquisa-Ação em Engenharia de Software -

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