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XSS-game by Google

Welcome, recruit! Cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs are one of the most common and dangerous types of vulnerabilities in Web applications. These nasty buggers can allow your enemies to steal or modify user data in your apps and you must learn to dispatch them, pronto!

At Google, we know very well how important these bugs are. In fact, Google is so serious about finding and fixing XSS issues that we are paying mercenaries up to $7,500 for dangerous XSS bugs discovered in our most sensitive products.

In this training program, you will learn to find and exploit XSS bugs. You'll use this knowledge to confuse and infuriate your adversaries by preventing such bugs from happening in your applications.

There will be cake at the end of the test.

adriaandens / jtr_install_script
Created May 18, 2013
Script to install John the Ripper on Knoppix 3.6 (after installing open-MPI).
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wget ""
tar xzf john-
cd john-
make clean linux-x86-any
cd ../run/
mpirun -np 4 ./john -test
echo "root:e80b5017098950fc58aad83c8c14978e" > md5.txt
./john -format=raw-md5 -incremental:alpha ./md5.txt
adriaandens / openmpi_install_script
Last active Feb 17, 2018
Open-MPI bash script for installing Open-MPI on Knoppix 3.6.
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wget ""
tar xzf openmpi-1.6.4.tar.gz
cd openmpi-1.6.4/
./configure --prefix=/tmp/ --disable-vt
make install
export PATH
mpirun -np 4 hostname
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use warnings;
%courses = (
"2CPR2B" => "C Language",
"1UNX1B" => "Intro to UNIX",
"3SH414" => "Shell Programming",
"4PL400" => "Perl Programming"
#Sorteren op key values:
adriaandens / gist:4979399
Last active Jul 6, 2017
A possible solution to the zip problem.
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$p = $ARGV[0];
foreach(`cd "$p"; ls`) {
`cd "$p";mkdir -p "$m"`;
`cd "$p";mv "$_" "$m/$f"`;