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Created March 2, 2012 23:55
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delete all members of a fb group -- c'mon facebook, how hard can it be?
// first go to
// then paste this in the javascript console
deleteAll = [];
deleteAll.elms = [];
deleteAll.canClick = function (el) {
return (typeof el != 'undefined') && (typeof != 'undefined');
deleteAll.load = function() {
deleteAll.elms = document.getElementsByClassName("mhm auxiliaryButton closeButton uiCloseButton");
if (deleteAll.elms.length < 5 ) {
setTimeout(deleteAll.getMore, 1000);
} else {
setTimeout(deleteAll.go, 2000);
deleteAll.getMore = function() {
more = document.getElementsByClassName("pam uiBoxLightblue uiMorePagerPrimary");
if (typeof more != 'undefined' && deleteAll.canClick(more[0])) {
setTimeout(deleteAll.load, 2000);
} else {
setTimeout(deleteAll.load, 100);
deleteAll.go = function() {
try {
} catch(e) {
setTimeout(deleteAll.load, 1000);
} finally {
setTimeout(deleteAll.load, 500000);
deleteAll.doClick = function(i) {
setTimeout(function(){deleteAll.confirm(i + 1)}, 750);
deleteAll.confirm = function (i) {
remove_but = document.getElementsByName("confirm")[0];
if (i < deleteAll.elms.length - 5 && deleteAll.canClick(remove_but) && remove_but.value == "Confirm") {;
setTimeout(function(){deleteAll.doClick(i)}, 500);
} else {
setTimeout(deleteAll.getMore, 2000);
// deleteAll.fullRestart = function() {
// membersLink = document.getElementsByClassName("groupsCleanLink groupsCleanLinksSelected");
// if (typeof membersLink != 'undefined' && deleteAll.canClick(membersLink[0])) { membersLink[0].click(); }
// setTimeout(deleteAll.go, 5000);
// }
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This isn't working with the new Facebook UI. Tried it today and couldn't get it to delete people from a group. Any chance you will be working on it any time soon ? The element that I can see in your script that might have chanced is there is no longer and X next to a members name.

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I need this code in new version of Facebook groups please

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This didn't appear to work (tried it in Chrome). Any plans to update the code?

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i got undefined error :-)

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babrath commented Jun 9, 2013

I did a little updating so the code worked for me, I'm not sure how to directly contribute so I forked the project ( Hope this helps people and kudos to adriaanm :-)

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pazu88 commented Jul 3, 2013

Hi Barbrath,

PS: The new script did work!!!! I'm so excited!

I signed up to this website because I really wanted to let you know, thank you SOOOOO much!

I have an obsolete group with 1645 members! I can't imagine how much time I would to spend to remove all members one by one!

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Greaaaaaat babrath!
The script is well functionning. you are the best !
thank you very well

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dahlo commented Jan 10, 2014

You are doing the Lord's work, son :)

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Please guys someone help me here! this script dont work and im freaking out! i really need to delete the group i made by mistake!
anyone ? ? ?

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I created a script that works with the new facebook layout:
Some pieces of the code were copied from this gist.

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Hi there.
Here is another short working gist

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