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Password Tips

Password Tips

Choose a password that is long enough, and complex enough, to be difficult to guess. Remember, attackers use specialized software to make millions of guesses per second — it's not just one person typing guesses by hand!


  • Long passwords!
  • Long passwords! Passwords should be 16 characters longer.
  • A password generator tool, such as LastPass or Nexcess' password generator
  • Several random words, preferably combined with punctuation, numbers, or other symbols
  • A long / complex keyboard pattern


  • A short password
  • A short password repeated several times to make it "longer"
  • A similar / the same password as you use on ANY other website
  • A common phrase, movie quotes, song lyrics, your birthday, address, children's / pet's names, school, or anything else that can be easily discovered (e.g., looked up on Facebook)
  • Simple keyboard patterns (e.g., "abcdefg...", a single row of keys like "zxcvbnm,.?", or repeats like "asdfasdfasdf")
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