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A BIND ad filter refresh script. Loads ad domains from adblock plus filters
use strict;
use Proc::Simple;
use Proc::Killall;
use Time::localtime;
use LWP::Simple qw($ua getstore);
use Mozilla::CA;
#use Data::Dumper;
my $adblock_stack = [
#pgl.yoyo exclusion list
{ url => '[day]=&startdate[month]=&startdate[year]=&mimetype=plaintext',
path => '/var/named/pgl-adblock.txt',
refresh => 7,
}, tracker list
{ url => "abp:subscribe?",
path => '/var/named/easyprivacy.txt',
refresh => 5,
# Add additional hashrefs if you like--script will accept standard or abp:subscribe? urls.
# A collection of lists is available at
my %adfilter = ();
#my $blacklist = { path => '/var/named/blacklist' }; #single column format
#my $whitelist = { path => '/var/named/whitelist' }; #single column format
my $outfile = '/var/named/adslist.txt'; #include file for named.conf
read_config( adblock_stack => $adblock_stack, blacklist => $blacklist, whitelist => $whitelist);
open (OUT, ">$outfile") or die "Couldn't open output file: $!";
print OUT '// bind config generated ',ctime(),"\n\n";
foreach my $key (sort(keys %adfilter)) {
print OUT 'zone "',$key,'" { type master; notify no; file ""; };',"\n";
close OUT;
print "BIND ad zones updated.\n";
print "Halting BIND.\n" if killall('KILL','/usr/sbin/named');
print "Restarting BIND.\n" if $proc->start('/usr/sbin/named -4');
sub read_config {
my %cache;
if ($adblock_stack) {
for ( @{ $adblock_stack } ) {
%cache = load_adblock_filter($_); # adblock plus hosts
%adfilter = %adfilter ? ( %adfilter, %cache )
: %cache;
if ($blacklist) {
%cache = parse_single_col_hosts($blacklist->{path}); # local, custom hosts
%adfilter = %adfilter ? ( %adfilter, %cache )
: %cache;
if ($whitelist) {
%cache = parse_single_col_hosts($whitelist->{path}); # remove entries
for ( keys %cache ) { delete ( $adfilter{$_} ) };
sub load_adblock_filter {
my %cache;
my $hostsfile = $_->{path} or die "adblock {path} is undefined";
my $refresh = $_->{refresh} || 7;
my $age = -M $hostsfile || $refresh;
if ($age >= $refresh) {
my $url = $_->{url} or die "attempting to refresh $hostsfile failed as {url} is undefined";
$url =~ s/^\s*abp:subscribe\?location=//;
$url =~ s/%([0-9A-Fa-f]{2})/chr(hex($1))/eg;
$url =~ s/&.*$//;
print("refreshing hosts: $hostsfile\n");
getstore($url, $hostsfile);
%cache = parse_adblock_hosts($hostsfile);
return %cache;
sub parse_adblock_hosts {
my $hostsfile = shift;
my %hosts;
open(HOSTS, $hostsfile) or die "cant open $hostsfile file: $!";
while (<HOSTS>) {
next unless s/^\|\|(.*)\^(\$third-party)?$/$1/; #extract adblock host
return %hosts;
sub parse_single_col_hosts {
my $hostsfile = shift;
my %hosts;
if (-e $hostsfile) {
open(HOSTS, $hostsfile) or die "cant open $hostsfile file: $!";
while (<HOSTS>) {
next if /^\s*#/; # skip comments
next if /^$/; # skip empty lines
s/\s*#.*$//; # delete in-line comments and preceding whitespace
return %hosts;
sub dump_adfilter {
my $str = Dumper(\%adfilter);
open(OUT, ">/var/named/adfilter_dumpfile") or die "cant open dump file: $!";
print OUT $str;
close OUT;
=head1 NAME - 12.6.08 <>
This is a maintenance script for use with I<BIND> acting as an ad blocking proxy.
Its purpose is to refresh and format domain lists into master zone definitions for
inclusion in a bind config file. It was written for osx (10.4), and manually kills
and restarts the I<named> process.
The script loads externally maintained lists of ad hosts intended for use by the
I<adblock plus> Firefox extension. Use of the lists focuses only on third-party
listings that define dedicated ad/tracking hosts.
Locally maintained blacklists/whitelists can also be loaded. In this case, host
listings must conform to a one host per line format:
# ad nauseam
Script output can easily be included in your named.conf file:
include "/var/named/adslist.txt";
The script outputs zone definitions of the form:
zone "" { type master; notify no; file ""; };
where is a localhost definition such as:
$TTL 24h
@ IN SOA (
2003052800 86400 300 604800 3600 )
@ IN A
* IN A
=head1 AUTHOR
David Watson <>
This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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