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Android Robospock Have
ext {
groovyVersion = '2.3.3'
spockVersion = '0.7-groovy-2.0'
roboSpockVersion = '0.4.4'
sdkDir = project(project.ext.robospock).android.sdkDirectory
buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath "org.robospock:robospock-plugin:0.4.0"
repositories {
//Again the robospock-plugin does not add all the correct android dependencies
maven { url "${sdkDir}/extras/android/m2repository" }
maven { url "${sdkDir}/extras/google/m2repository" }
apply plugin: 'groovy'
dependencies {
compile "org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:$groovyVersion"
compile "org.spockframework:spock-core:$spockVersion"
compile "org.robospock:robospock:$roboSpockVersion"
// Disable the default test task otherwise commandline build fails because
// gradle test task tries to run the specs as if they were standard spock tests
test.onlyIf { false }
* The findCompileDependencies method of the org.robospock:robospock-plugin does not work with the
* latest gradle and android build tools.
* Consider fixing the plugin and submitting
org.robospock.RobospockAction.metaClass.findCompileDependencies = { Project androidProject ->
androidProject.configurations.all.find { == 'compile'
* The findCompileDependencies execute of the org.robospock:robospock-plugin does not take into account
* that the generated variants and placed in the 'generated' directory.
* Consider fixing the plugin and submitting
org.robospock.RobospockAction.metaClass.execute = { Project project ->
def androidProject = project.project(project.ext.robospock)
// collect and extract compiled classes in library project
def subprojects = getSubprojects(androidProject)
// collect and forward all maven dependencies
def allprojects = subprojects + androidProject
def mavenDependencies = collectMavenDependencies(allprojects)
mavenDependencies.each { dep ->
project.dependencies {
compile group:, name:, version: dep.version
def allSourceSets = ['src/main/java']
def allResourcesSets = ['src/main/res']
def testableVariant = { variant -> == 'devDebug'
["r/", "buildConfig/"].each {
allSourceSets.add(androidProject.buildDir.path + "/generated/source/" + it + testableVariant.dirName)
project.sourceSets.main {
java.srcDirs = allSourceSets
resources.srcDirs = allResourcesSets
Test test = project.tasks.create(org.robospock.RobospockAction.ROBOSPOCK_TASK_NAME, Test.class);
test.setDescription("Runs the unit tests using Robospock.")
test.workingDir = "${androidProject.projectDir}/src/main"
//Plugin must be applied last and must use qualified name when applied from a gradle script
apply plugin: org.robospock.RobospockPlugin

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DerSchimi commented Sep 22, 2014

Using your script I am getting this error while accessing testableVariant.dirName

Error:(97, 0) Cannot get property 'dirName' on null object

Can you give me a hint whats wrong with my setup?


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bluesliverx commented Oct 3, 2014

Just replace "devDebug" and "DevDebug" with "debug" and "Debug" respectively. I didn't have the "devDebug" variant, so using the debug one worked fine.

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