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Tendermint/COSMOS Contribution Agreement
### Tendermint/COSMOS Contribution Agreement
#### Preface
This Agreement is between You, the Users, the Contributors, and the Tendermint/COSMOS Community. The intent of the
Agreement is to clarify your responsibilities as a Contributor.
The Agreement is meant to protect You, the Users, the Contributors, and the Tendermint/COSMOS Community from the
malicious misdeeds of others. The Agreement is *not* intended to restrict how You use Your own Contributions.
#### Definitions
* _Agreement_ - This document.
* _You / Your_ - The individual signing this Agreement.
* _Tendermint/COSMOS Community_ - The community which manages the Projects.
* _Project_ - Open source projects being managed by the Tendermint/COSMOS Community.
* _Contribution_ - Code, content, and ideas that are meant to be integrated into Projects.
* _Contributor_ - Those people and corporations that provide Contributions.
* _User_ - Those people and companies which make use of the Projects.
#### Licensing Agreement
When You provide a Contribution to a Project:
* You assert that the Contribution was authored by You.
* You license that Contribution under the terms of the license of that Project.
* You assert that You have the authority and are able to license Your Contribution under the license of that Project.
* If Your employer has rights to intellectual property that You create which may include Your Contribution,
then You assert that Your employer has granted You explicit permission to license the Contribution on behalf of
Your employer.
#### Furthermore:
* You assert that You have the authority and are able to enter into this Agreement.
* If You become aware of a problem with any of Your Contributions or with the fact that You have signed this
Agreement, then You agree to inform the Company about the problem, without any undue delay.
#### Third Party Content/Rights
If your Contribution includes or is based on any source code, object code, bug
fixes, configuration changes, tools, specifications, documentation, data, materials, feedback, information or
other works of authorship that were not authored by you (“_Third Party Content_”) or if you are aware of any
third party intellectual property or proprietary rights associated with your Contribution (“_Third Party Rights_”),
then you agree to include with the submission of your Contribution full details respecting such Third Party
Content and Third Party Rights, including, without limitation, identification of which aspects of your
Contribution contain Third Party Content or are associated with Third Party Rights, the owner/author of the
Third Party Content and Third Party Rights, where you obtained the Third Party Content, and any applicable
third party license terms or restrictions respecting the Third Party Content and Third Party Rights. For greater
certainty, the foregoing obligations respecting the identification of Third Party Content and Third Party Rights
do not apply to any portion of a Project that is incorporated into your Contribution to that same Project.
#### Representations
You represent that, other than the Third Party Content and Third Party Rights identified by
you in accordance with this Agreement, you are the sole author of your Contributions and are legally entitled
to grant the foregoing licenses and waivers in respect of your Contributions. If your Contributions were
created in the course of your employment with your past or present employer(s), you represent that such
employer(s) has authorized you to make your Contributions on behalf of such employer(s) or such employer
(s) has waived all of their right, title or interest in or to your Contributions.
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