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Last active Aug 29, 2015

What would you like to do?
- Use latest stack (Ruby 2.1.x, Rails 4.x, Postgresql)
- Prefer the new hash syntax, but use the old one when necessary (ie. when you need to use strings as keys)
- Code in ActiveRecord models should pertain directly to storing or retrieving data
- Use Draper to decorate model instances and test your decorators with RSpec (app/decorators is the place for this)
- Put business logic into service classes and test them with RSpec (app/services is a fine place for this, you can get more specific if your services folder gets fat)
- I like to name my service classes after what they do, or give them cute names occasionally (AddsProductstoCart or CartStuffer)
- Don’t hesitate to namespace related models or services into modules.
- Use Resque and Redis for background job handling.
- Testing should be the rule, not the exception
- Use rspec and cucumber for user acceptance testing (when needed)
- Use Profound grid for your layout, Jamie can furnish you with a starting point
- Write your skeletal layout code before digging into your CSS (aka content-first approach)
- Keep templates small. Use partials and put heavy logic into decorators or helpers.
- Separate concerns by files. Take a look at how Jamie has organized McHattie’s CSS.
- Target elements by classes or nested selectors, save IDs for Javascript
- Prefer CSS solutions to JS ones, if they work in supported browsers
- Write CoffeeScript
- Use the dispatcher pattern to write page-specific Javascript. Don’t put any Javascript in your templates ever.
- Use data tags to ferry information from the server-side to Javascript.
- Write features as CoffeeScript classes and namespace them under APP.features.
- Keep methods under 5ish lines.
- Keep files under 100ish lines.
- Write classes with an interface. “Private” methods should begin with an underscore.
- Variables that refer to a jQuery object should start with a $
- JS should be tested, especially if it is adding essential functionality (testing lib uncertain, perhaps Sinon?)
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