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Fab tasks for AWS setup
from fabric import api as fab
import boto
LOAD_BALANCER_NAME = 'my elb name'
SERVER_USER = 'serverusername'
SSH_KEY_FILE = '/path/to/mykey.pem'
def aws_hosts():
# This assumes your bash_profile has AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY set.
# Get a list of instance IDs for the ELB.
instances = []
conn = boto.connect_elb()
for elb in conn.get_all_load_balancers(LOAD_BALANCER_NAME):
# Get the instance IDs for the reservations.
conn = boto.connect_ec2()
reservations = conn.get_all_instances([ for i in instances])
instance_ids = []
for reservation in reservations:
for i in reservation.instances:
# Get the public CNAMES for those instances.
hosts = []
for host in conn.get_all_instances(instance_ids):
hosts.extend([i.public_dns_name for i in host.instances])
hosts.sort() # Put them in a consistent order, so that calling code can do hosts[0] and hosts[1] consistently.
return hosts
def aws():
fab.env.hosts = aws_hosts()
fab.env.key_filename = SSH_KEY_FILE
fab.env.user = SERVER_USER
fab.env.parallel = True
def update_code():
with'/opt/code/myapp'):'git pull')
def deploy():
update_code()'sudo service gunicorn restart')
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