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- @last_date = ''
- @results.each do |row|
- if row.election_d != @last_date
- @last_date = row.election_d
%h2= row.election_d
%td{ :style => "background-color: #{row.party_colour}" }
%td= row.party_name
%td= row.c_surname
%td= to_ordinal(row.position)
%td= commify(row.votes)

adrianshort commented Jan 8, 2012

Haml issues in a Sinatra app. I'm trying to output a collection of tables using data from a single array. This kind of thing works fine in non-significant-whitespace templates but Haml (understandably) can't work out that the %h2 and %table are meant to enclose the following %trs in the block below. Any ideas for a workaround? I could generate each table from a separate query but it's preferable to do them all at once.

kitop commented Jan 8, 2012

You have to nest the %tr inside the %table to work in haml..
You could consider some other approach like grouping the records by election_d before and then iterating.
Assiming you're on ruby 1.9, you could try something like

@results.group_by{|result| result.election_d }.each do |election_date, row|
  %h2= election_date

adrianshort commented Jan 12, 2012

Thanks for that. I hadn't heard of group_by before but I can see how that's useful.

In the end I simplified it by using nested loops around first the elections and then the candidacies for each election as in this commit.

Here it is in action.

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