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HTTP/2 Rapid Reset DDoS Attack


This Gist aims to centralise the most relevant public sources of information related to the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset vulnerability. This vulnerability has been disclosed jointly by Google, Amazon AWS, and Cloudflare on 10 October 2023 at 12:00 UTC.

Please help us make this page as comprehensive as possible by contributing relevant references, vendor advisories and statements, mitigations, etc.


Vendor advisories and statements

Testing if HTTP/2 is enabled


echo 1 | openssl s_client -alpn h2 -connect -status 2>&1  | grep "ALPN"


nmap -p 443 --script=tls-nextprotoneg


curl -Is --http2-prior-knowledge| head -1

Testing if it's vulnerable (use at your own risk)

Potential remediation


can be configured to mitigate the vulnerability

  • Disabling HTTP/2 in NGINX is not necessary. Simply ensure you have configured:

    • keepalive_requests should be kept at the default setting of 1000 requests
    • http2_max_concurrent_streams should be kept at the default setting of 128 streams
    • limit_conn and limit_req should be set "with a reasonable setting balancing application performance and security"

If you want to remove http2 support

  • Remove reference to http2 in the listening part

DDoS protection / CDNs

Web apps that are behind the following DDoS protection providers / CDNs should not be impacted:

  • AWS
  • Cloudflare
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
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adulau commented Oct 16, 2023

@crstian19 Thank you it's updated.

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Apache Tomcat apache/tomcat@9cdfe25 was backported to the released 11.1.14. However, this version had a regression. So, it is better to use 11.1.15

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Hello, besides this information is there any public datasets related to this attacks? Im currently doing research about the topic and would be very useful to check traffic generated by this kind of attack. Thank you in advance.

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shblue21 commented Jan 3, 2024

Thanks you for docs. it's lightspeed rapid reset blog.

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