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How to remove keys from Hockeypuck OpenPGP key server

How to remove keys from Hockeypuck OpenPGP key server

  • First find the Hockeypuck hash of the key(s) to be removed via the web search of your key server instance;
  • On the index, copy the hash value (Hash=HASHVALUE) (it's the hex representation of MD5);
  • Connect to the PostgreSQL interface of your Hockeypuck server;
    • psql hkp
    • Find the corresponding keys from their hash value;
    • select rfingerprint from keys where md5 in ('HASHVALUE');
    • This will return the corresponding fingerprints;
    • Then delete the associated sub-keys;
    • delete from subkeys where rfingerprint in ('RFINGERPRINT');
    • Then delete the main keys;
    • delete from keys where md5 in ('HASHVALUE');
  • Then add the fingerprints in the Hockeypuck server blacklist to avoid reconciliation of the removed keys from other servers;
  • The black-list feature was introduced in Hockeypuck 2.1.0 release;

Blacklist example for hockeypuck


Can a user remove their own keys in Hockeypuck? or someone in possession of the private keys?

Yes. It's documented in HIP-1.

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