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Created November 14, 2011 00:12
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ArchLinux for building Android
pacman -Sy
pacman -S --needed python2 openjdk6 perl git gnupg flex bison gperf zip unzip sdl wxgtk squashfs-tools ncurses libpng zlib libusb libusb-compat readline inetutils
pacman -S --needed gcc-multilib gcc-libs-multilib binutils-multilib libtool-multilib lib32-libusb lib32-libusb-compat lib32-readline lib32-glibc bash-completion lib32-zlib
Install yaourt (& package-query):
add to /etc/pacman.conf:
Server =$arch
pacman -Sy yaourt
yaourt -S --needed android-sdk android-sdk-platform-tools android-udev esd-oss pngcrush repo tcp_wrappers termcap perl-switch
cd /usr/bin
[ -e python ] && mv python python.old
ln -s python2 python
In order to use adb, you have to be in the 'adbusers' group
For that, use: gpasswd -a USERNAME adbusers
Add to /etc/sysctl.conf
net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling = 0
Also see:
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this is a fine way of breaking everything, -Sy all the things! lol. and do not use archlinuxfr EVER.

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