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Detect ClickOnce support
This detects the presence of ClickOnce in IE, Chrome (with extension), and
Firefox (with extension).
It doesn't work if Firefox is using Microsoft's .NET Framework Assistant when
adding .NET information to the User Agent string is turned off (the default
setting as of late). I personally worked around this by using server logic to
detect if the X-ClickOnceSupport header was set.
(function () {
// Detect if ClickOnce is supported by the browser.
// Roughly based on
var hasMimeSupport = function (desiredMime) {
var mimes = window.navigator.mimeTypes,
hasSupport = false;
for (var i = 0; i < mimes.length; i++) {
var mime = mimes[i];
if (mime.type == desiredMime) {
hasSupport = true;
return hasSupport;
var sniffForClickOnce = function () {
var userAgent = window.navigator.userAgent.toUpperCase(),
hasNativeDotNet = userAgent.indexOf('.NET CLR 3.5') >= 0;
return hasNativeDotNet || hasMimeSupport("application/x-ms-application");
window.clickOnce = sniffForClickOnce();
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