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On fire

Adrian Florescu adyz

On fire
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editor.minimap.enabled: false,
workbench.editor.showTabs: false,
workbench.activityBar.visible: false,
workbench.editor.showIcons: true,
workbench.iconTheme: "vs-minimal",
terminal.external.osxExec: "", "/bin/zsh",
workbench.statusBar.visible: false,
window.zoomLevel: 0,
adyz / retina-simple-sprite-compass
Last active Sep 12, 2018
Retina Sprite CSS with Compass
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// 1: To export the PNGs in different sizes I used Slicy - - a mac app that looks into your PSD and if it finds any layer with .png extention will export that layer to PNG. You can also add a tag to the main group layer to export retina version too. A bit pricy, but it's fine if you value your time.
// 2: I added the icons in two folders (retina and normal) You just have to make sure that both folders contain the same number of files and they both have the same file name inside.
// 3: I added this code after long time of searchin, testing, and mashing my head into the wall.
$naviconsNormal: sprite-map("navicons/normal/*.png", $spacing: 10px);