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e2e retry blog post - merge JUnit test results script
async function runTestsAndRetry(jestConfig, retriesRemaining, mergedResults) {
const { results } = await runCLI(jestConfig, ['e2e/test']);
mergedResults = mergeTestResults(mergedResults, results);
// configure jest-junit for our test run
const junit = new JestJunit(
outputDirectory: './test-results/',
outputName: 'jest-puppeteer.xml',
junit.onRunComplete(null, mergedResults);
// ...
return await runTestsAndRetry(jestConfig, retriesRemaining, mergedResults);
function mergeTestResults(oldResults, newResults) {
// if it's the first run, we can just return the results
if (!oldResults.testResults) {
return newResults;
// make a copy of the old results so we don't mutate the input
const mergedResults = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(oldResults));
// for each new result, input it in the old results alongside
// the previous result for that test
newResults.testResults.forEach((newResult) => {
const oldResultIdx = mergedResults.testResults.findIndex(
(result) => result.testFilePath === newResult.testFilePath
mergedResults.testResults.splice(oldResultIdx, 0, newResult);
return mergedResults;
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